Shopping method

Registering with the system

To make any comments about the photos, establish a classification for a specific photo, or to purchase one of the catalogue photos with good resolution, you will need to be registered in the system.

If you are going to register, you can use the link provided at the top of all the pages. You will be asked to supply a number of details which you will need to fill in the registration form, so that you can be properly identified in the registration.

To ensure that the registration is not being done automatically by robots, you will need to complete the verification box. Formulario de registro. Verificación de usuario.

Once you have registered, you will always be able to access the details of your account and be able to modify them however you want.

Selecting the photos

Fotos en el carrito From the detail of a photo you will be able to add the photo in question to the shopping trolley by clicking on the button that appears in the tool bar.

You may continue browsing the reportages to add any photos you want.

Viewing your shopping basket

Fotos en el carrito

To review the photos added to the shopping trolley, you can display the trolley at the top by clicking on the triangle that appears after Shopping cart. In it the total amount of the purchases will also be updated.

You can also click on the Shopping cart link to see the photos you have pending purchase plus all their details.

Deleting photos from the trolley and making changes.

Fotos en el carrito

Should you decide later on that you don't want one or more of the photos selected, you can delete it/them from the trolley by clicking on the X beside the photo(s).
If you inadvertently add more than one copy of the same photo, and you only want one, you can change the quantity on this screen.
After you have made any changes to the quantity of photos, you will need to click on Update to enable the system to recalculate the amounts.

Processing the order

When you have finished selecting the photos you want to buy, you can click on the button Checkout which appears on the trolley displayed.Or on the Checkout button which will appear after you click on the shopping cart link.

If you have not logged in, the system will ask you to identify yourself.

If you are already logged in, the purchasing process will start and will involve several steps.

Invoicing details

You will be asked to provide the address you want to figure on the invoice of your purchase. The default one will be the one you provided when registering, but you can change it, should you need to. Fotos en el carrito

Description of use and method of payment

You will need to inform Kutxateka what the photo(s) you are about to acquire are going to be used for. You will need to accept the Authorization Terms, which you can print out and save so that you can refer to them later. You may only make payments by means of a bank card. Fotos en el carrito

Confirmation of your purchase

A summary of your purchase will be displayed to you with a breakdown of the price (price of the photo with VAT rate applied), plus the total you will be paying. At this point you must accept the legal disclaimer and the data protection policy. Fotos en el carrito

Paying for your order

A credit card is the only means of paying for an order. The security of the system is guaranteed by CECA.

Invoice of purchase(s)

If you need a copy of the invoice for the purchase(s) made, you can access it through your user account. You will be able to access the list of all your orders via the Order History link and from there, the details of each one. Fotos en el carrito

The Print button will allow you to print out a hard copy of the invoice for your purchase, but it will also enable you to save it in an electronic format thanks to the pdf printers that you can install on your computer free of charge. Fotos en el carrito

Downloading the photos

Fotos en el carrito

After you have paid for your order, you may access your user's account, and via the Downloads link you will be able to download high quality photos onto your computer.

If you do not wish to download your photos immediately, you may do so whenever you want, as long as you are connected by means of your user name and password.

The dialogue box that starts after clicking on the Download button will offer you two options:

  • Open: remember that this option will also count as a download, so once you have opened the photo, you will need to save it.
  • Save.
Fotos en el carrito