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Kutxa's Artistic Heritage Collection

This is a heritage collection of tremendous value consisting of Modern and Contemporary Basque Art with a specific leaning towards the artistic sphere of Gipuzkoa. It is in line with the aim of the savings bank kutxa -Caja Gipuzkoa San Sebastian- to support and disseminate culture in its geographical area.

Kutxa's Artistic Heritage Collection currently brings together a set of approximately 5,500 works that have come from the previous collections of the CAM and CAP (municipal and provincial savings banks, respectively, which merged to form the kutxa savings bank) as well as the new acquisitions made by kutxa from 1990 onwards, mainly through the dual means of purchases and donations in return for the use of exhibition rooms, or as a result of the incorporation of specific works that have received awards in the Competitions for New Artists.

REMIGIO MENDIBURU MIRANDA - Viento de abismo, c.1976
"Viento de abismo", c.1976 -
Remigio Mendiburu Miranda

The time line of the Collection has developed alongside the history of the savings banks themselves, from their beginnings in the second half of the 19th century up until the present day, and kutxa’s geographical area matches the presence of artists born in or linked to Gipuzkoa or, by extension, to the Basque Country.

So it is a collection of a "specific nature" in which the artists represented display a great diversity of techniques in their works: paintings in various formats using different mediums, drawings on paper, graphic works, sculptures using a range of materials: iron, wood, bronze or resins, ceramic, porcelain, photography or mixed techniques, tackling all the genres of art by means of figurative or abstract expressions; from the landscape to the portrait including the still life, the nude or the costumbrista or interior scenes.

As plurality is one of the characteristics of the collection, the most noteworthy plastic movements developed between the end of the 19th century and up until today are represented, with a special mention of the "Gaur" group (1965) whose works welcome anyone who visits the lobby of kutxa’s main branch in Garibai street. Among the most significant painters we can cite Ignacio Zuloaga, Elías Salaverría, Ignacio Ugarte, Juan de Echevarria, Aurelio Arteta, Daniel Vazquez Diaz, Francisco Iturrino, Valentin and Ramon de Zubiaurre, Julian de Tellaeche, Flores Kaperotxipi, Jesús Olasagasti, Gustavo de Maeztu, Ascensio Martiarena, Gaspar Montes Iturrioz, Bernardino Bienabe Artia, Ricardo Baroja, Darío de Regoyos, Menchu Gal, Bonifacio Alfonso, Vicente Ameztoy, Rafael Ruiz Balerdi, Amable Arias, José Antonio Sistiaga, Nikolas Lekuona, Fernando Beorlegui, Juan Luis Goenaga, or José Luis Zumeta. Also present are Gipuzkoa’s great 20th century sculptors like Eduardo Chillida, Jorge Oteiza, Remigio Mendiburu, Néstor Basterrechea, Ricardo Ugarte or José Ramón Anda, among others.

IGNACIO UGARTE Y BERECIARTE - Las planchadoras, 1889
"Las planchadoras", 1889 - Ignacio Ugarte y Bereciarte

This open-ended feature of the collection is currently setting its sights not only on completing the works of representative artists already present, but more than anything else, on incorporating works of authors with a proven track record and who belong to the latest generations. In this respect, among the acquisitions in recent years we can cite the works of Jesús Mari Lazkano, Esther Ferrer, Andrés Nagel, José Zugasti, Cristina Iglesias, Koldobika Jáuregi, José Ramón Amondarain, Manu Muniategiandikoetxea, Dora Salazar, or Alejandro Garmendia.

At the same time, kutxa has been developing an important line to disseminate this content physically as well as virtually. This is achieved by participating in its own or in external exhibitions, by producing specific publications, or else by locating the works in the public spaces of kutxa itself or loaning them in commodatum to other cultural spaces, in addition to many other initiatives.

Virtual Visit

Get to know, in a 3D environment, the most representative works in the collection. Get to know, in a 3D environment, the most representative works in the collection.


Our collection in the “Ultramar” show at the Sala Kubo-kutxa exhibition centre (2011).