Some of the holdings
Some of the holdings

The Dr. Camino Library, consisting of over 14,500 books and documents on the History of Donostia-San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa, is one of the most important results of the prestigious Dr. Camino Institute of the History of Donostia-San Sebastian.

View of the library View of the library

Made up of such important collections like that of Serapio Múgica, the Library brings together important publications which set out to document and make a rigorous contribution to the study of the annals of the city, thus contributing to the knowledge of its historical and cultural personality.

Its emblematic premises in 31 de Agosto street constitute a space open to cultural institutions and groups of Donostia-San Sebastian and Gipuzkoa. Its library is equipped with encyclopaedias, valuable editions on the Basque Country in general, and specialises in books that deal, above all, with 19th century Donostia-San Sebastian and 20th century Gipuzkoa, which researchers and the general public can avail themselves of.

It also has copies that are hard to find, like catalogues and inventories of tremendous use to researchers. They constitute a valuable tool for the study of the different periods and various questions in the history of Gipuzkoa and the Basque country (some of these copies could constitute material for "Sources of Historical Information").